The Effectiveness Profile

Self-improvement &
Professional-development Diagnostic

Version 4.2.1d   12/22/2013

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for prioritizing
self-improvement & professional-development focus


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Profile Assessment 100 propositions examining one’s responses & behaviors in the real world A broader, more in-depth look at one’s inner life
Effectiveness Profile Graph Visual representation of imbalances between inhibitions and impulse-driven behaviors, shown as 20 effectiveness attributes across 6 categories An effortless understanding of one’s immediate behavioral liabilities
User Account Creation Password-protected database-supported extended functionality The ability to save Assessments and generate additional reports and guides from them
Extremes Analysis

Definitive discussion of the user's strongest inhibition(s) & impulse(s) and what they usually indicate separately and in combination, and of normative behavioral manifestations and consequences When refined through completion of the Ratification Worksheet...
Ratification Worksheet A step-by-step procedure for confirming and adjusting the indications from one’s Extremes Analysis to fit one’s own personality ...a strong understanding of how success has been internally impeded, and a prioritized set of self-improvement / professional-development areas to focus on for the greatest immediate gain
Planning Form An outline for developing a personalized self-improvement or personal-development strategy targeted to the specifics learned from the Effectiveness Profile results A focused plan for highly accelerated improvement
Introspection Guide * A unique self-inspection exercise which can help discharge the subliminal force behind inhibitions and impulses Steadily increasing freedom from previously inaccessible counterproductive self-definitions
Progress Checklist A milestones-based self-monitoring process Confirmation of continuing improvement and then of success in the plan, and of when to repeat the Effectiveness Profile procedure to identify a new self-improvement focus from one’s now-reconfigured response pattern.
* Some people may need personal assistance to achieve successful introspection.
Semantic Adjustment "Mental block-busting" One-on-one consultation to facilitate and deepen self-inspection results
Additional counseling, consultation and training services are available.
All counseling and introspection-based consultation is confidential.

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